Senior VP of Strategic Innovation

Designing his services on a foundation of integrity, Cole Kutschinski is a renowned automotive industry leader who possesses both the skill and passion necessary to spearhead sustainable growth objectives. As the Senior Vice President of Foundation Automotive, Cole features an extensive 15+ year background involving the intricacies of cross-functional team leadership, strategic business development, and employee/customer experience optimization and holds a strong reputation at Foundation Auto for driving new levels of team unification and organizational success.


As a product of a family that was heavily involved in the automotive industry, Cole discovered early on in life his admiration towards the ever-evolving field. With this as his base, Cole quickly expanded his ingrained knowledge and rooted entrepreneurial ethos by earning a BBA in Marketing from Okanagan School of Business in British Columbia along with being a life-long student of the industry itself. Since then, Cole has built a strong inventory of progressive accomplishments over the last 15+ years that has led to his current endorsed SVP standing. Some of those notable rankings include holding various positions within the automotive industry covering sales, finance, management, and marketing consulting and holding the VP of Marketing at Foundation starting in November of 2018. During this time, Cole not only helped

established the stature of the company through his marketing, communication, and business development efforts, but also supported the illustrious perception of the brand that has paved the way for long-term scalability and his current appointment.


Being an SVP driven by mission excellence, Cole has a genuine ardency for translating brand visions into tangible realities and doing so all while ensuring everyone across the organizational pipeline has positive constructive experiences along the way. From overseeing multiple business units, including marketing, the business development center (BDC), and several group investments within Automotive innovative projects, Cole demonstrates his commitment through his strategic planning and innovative management approaches that solidify profitable futures. This, in conjunction with his rich data/process-oriented mindset and dedication towards exceptional customer/employee experiences, is what shaped Cole into the respected, forward-thinking leader he is today – one who continuously strives to raise the standards bar for the Foundation Auto team, their customers, and the automotive industry.